Using the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Settings

The Manage section on the Policy tab sidebar includes links to three pages where you can set the behavior of Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering:

  • The Anti-Virus Options page allows you to set options such as whether pre-analysis of the message contents is done to save processing time, whether virus scanning is run as a system service, what the behavior should be when the anti-virus engine fails, and how the anti-virus engine should handle archive scanning.
  • The Anti-Spam Rules page allows you to set which anti-spam rules are enabled or disabled and what the relative weight and probability adjustment percentage is for each rule. You can also create new anti-spam rules.
    Note Sophos does not recommend adjusting anti-spam rules because they are automatically updated by SophosLabs on a regular basis. It is also advised that you consult with Sophos support before attempting to create any new anti-spam rules. If you are receiving false positives or false negatives, Sophos asks that you forward these messages to SophosLabs for our analysts to investigate. See “PureMessage Feedback” in the Contacting Sophos section for more information.
  • The Anti-Spam Options page allows you to set how much of a message should be scanned, whether non-relay checks should be enabled or disabled, whether network checks are enabled or disabled, and what special language character sets are enabled.