Policy Tab

The Policy tab allows you to configure the PureMessage system’s message-filtering behavior, or "policy" using the Policy Constructor, a graphical editing tool. Alternatively, you can directly edit the policy script, located at /opt/pmx6/etc/policy.siv). Knowledge of the Sieve scripting language is required.

The policy is a structured series of rules, which are made up of tests and actions that are executed in the specified order. Rules can be added, modified, moved, or deleted. There are also tools for backing up the policy and lists before making changes, for testing policy changes, and for restoring previous policy configurations.

The policy makes use of various lists, which are used in the policy to exclude or include the specified hosts, users, or attachment types, or to scan for the listed offensive words. Maps are used to associate one email address with another for the purpose of redirection, or to selectively apply user preferences. Lists and maps can be created, modified or deleted.

In addition to editing the policy and lists, there are several pages of options and rules that control how spam and viruses are handled by PureMessage.

The Policy Repository page provides access to a collection of policy snippets that can be added to the PureMessage policy. You can create, modify and delete snippets.