Quarantine Tab

The Quarantine tab provides an interface for managing PureMessage quarantines, which are directories for temporarily storing problem or potential problem messages. Typically, quarantines are used for potential spam messages that can be reviewed later by administrators or end users to determine if they want to release (deliver) or delete them, or for virus-infected messages that you choose to retain for legal, organizational policy, or forensic reasons.

In addition, you can access many End User and Quarantine Digest options.

Quarantine Tab: Summary (Default) Page

The Quarantine: Summary page displays a graph that shows essential information about the PureMessage Quarantine. The graph shows:

  • the maximum disk space available for the quarantine on the local system
  • the size of the total quarantined messages in the current reporting period (two hours)
  • the number of newly quarantined messages in the current reporting period (two hours)

Click on the graph to shift focus to the Reports tab, where you can change the report parameters.

Click View Quarantine Summary to return to this page from another Quarantine page.

Note You can also generate, view, and export reports using the reporting options available via the Reports tab in the PureMessage Groups Web Interface. Although it is primarily used to delegate tasks under the group administration model, the Groups Web Interface can be configured as a reports manager. You may want to consider this alternative if your organization generates a lot of reports and you are comfortable managing PureMessage with multiple interfaces. See "Viewing and Managing Quarantine Search Results" in the “Administrative Groups” section of the Administrator’s Reference for more information.