Support Tab

The Support tab provides access to a variety of PureMessage support and system maintenance features.

The Licensed Components (default) page displays the PureMessage components installed on the system. The Licensed Components table indicates the name, license type, issue date, and expiration date for each component.

In addition to links to other PureMessage support features and services, the sidebar provides convenient links to the PureMessage website, the mailing list archive, and the PureMessage User Guide.

Click the Check for Updates link on the sidebar to access a page that lets you query for available software updates. If any updates are available, you can retrieve them by way of the PureMessage Installer.

Click View Installed Packages on the sidebar to see which PureMessage Core Packages and Support Packages are installed. The tables on this page indicate the version number and description of each package.

The Available Updates page displays the Package Repositories drop-down list. Select a repository from the list and click Query to get more information. A list of all installed packages with their version numbers and their update status is displayed. Run pmx-setup from the command line to install all of the available updates.