Delayed Mails Tab

The Delayed Mails tab displays a set of query parameters used to search for Delayed messages. Delayed messages are suspect emails that are held for a specified period of time. By delaying delivery, the appliance creates a timed interval during which new anti-spam definitions created by Sophos Labs can be received, after which the appliance can rescan the messages using the most up to date information possible.

Enter search criteria in the Specify query parameters form:

  • Recipient: Enter a recipient’s email address.
  • Sender: Enter a sender’s email address.
  • Milter Host: If running multiple Edge servers, enter the name of a host for which you want to view the delayed messages.
  • Mails delayed up to: Use this text box to select messages that were delayed within the specified number of minutes.
  • Display: Select the number of messages to display per page.

Click Run Query.

Either a list of messages that match your query parameters is displayed, or a message is displayed indicating that "No indexed messages matched this query." If there are no matches to your query, change the parameters of your query and try again.