Generating a Report

Use the Report Parameters sidebar to set the time period, format and content for a report and to generate a report.

To generate a report:

  1. Define the report using the options on the Report Parameters sidebar:
    Note These options do not apply to the Queue Status report.
    • Period: Select a predefined time range from the drop-down list (for example, Last 24 hours or Last 30 days). Each time range in this list refers to complete increments only, and does not include partially elapsed time increments. For instance, Last 12 hours defines the 12 most recently complete hours, not including any time that has elapsed in the current hour.

      If you select Today, the report will cover the period starting at midnight of the current calendar day and ending at the time the report is run.

      Alternatively, select Custom values if you prefer to specify a custom date range using the text boxes below.
      • Start Date: Type the date and time in YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm] format. If you do not specify hours and minutes, the start time is 0:00.
      • End Date: Type the date and time in YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm] format. If you do not specify hours and minutes, the end time is 23:59.

      Regardless of whether you selected a predefined period or a custom time frame, the report data will be displayed in set increments, according to the length of the period. The following restrictions apply:

      • Periods up to 24 hours are shown in hours
      • Periods up to 31 days are shown in days
      • Periods up to one year are shown in months
      • Periods greater than one year are shown in years
    • Format: Select the format the report will use to display data (for example, Bar or Table). The options vary depending on the report, and this option cannot be configured for certain reports.
    • Traffic: If applicable, select whether the report will display data for Inbound mail, Outbound mail, or Both.
    • Groups: This drop-down list is only displayed if you are a member of multiple groups. Select the specific group for which you want to generate report data, or select All groups to generate aggregate data from the various groups.
  2. Click Generate.

    A report with your specified criteria is displayed in the content pane.

Note If you want reports to be run and sent to a specified email recipient on a regular basis, you can create a scheduled job for pmx-reports-mailer-v2. For more information, see the pmx-reports-mailer-v2 man page, and “Managing Scheduled Jobs” in the Manager Reference.