Adding Members to a Group

The email recipients associated with a particular group must have membership in that group. Members are included in a group by adding their email addresses. This can be done by either editing the group file directly or using the pmx-list command. The groups are stored in the members-per-group directory.

Members must be specified as email address parts; that is, they must take the form of individual addresses, subdomains, domains, or the first part of the email address. For example:

  • Jane@
Important Any given recipient should be added to one group only. Adding a recipient address to more than one group may produce unpredictable results when the PureMessage policy processes the address.
  • To add members by editing the group file:
    1. At the command line, navigate to the /opt/pmx6/etc/members-per-group directory.
    2. Using an editor (for example, vi), enter the email addresses of those who will administer the group.
    3. Run pmx-makemap --grouplist -g to create a CDB list that can be synchronized with the database.
    4. Run pmx-profile sync-to-db to synchronize the list data with the database.
  • To add members using the pmx-list command:
    1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following command:
      pmx-profile sync-from-db --resource=members-per-group
    2. Run the following command:
      pmx-list  add members-per-group#<GroupName> ...

      where GroupName is the name of the group to which addresses are added. The addresses are added to the group file in a subdirectory of the /opt/pmx6/etc/members-per-group directory.

    3. Run pmx-profile sync-to-db.
    4. Run pmx-makemap --grouplist.
Note PureMessage uses pmx-profile and pmx-makemap --grouplist -g to synchronize data with edge servers. If these jobs are enabled via the Local Services tab of the PureMessage Manager, it is not necessary to run these commands manually.

See the pmx-list man page for more information.