Creating a Group List

By default, the Configuration tab of the Groups Web Interface contains several lists that can be used to determine how the policy deals with specified email addresses and/or domains. These lists are Allowed Relays, Allowed Senders, Blocked Relays and Blocked Senders. You can also create custom lists to augment or replace the existing lists using the pmx-group-list command.

Regardless of whether the list is a default list or a custom list, it must be combined with a rule in the PureMessage policy in order to have any effect. For more information, see “Creating a Custom Group Policy List and Rule” in the Groups Setup tutorial.

To create a group list:

  1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following:
    pmx-group-list --add --id <ID> --name <Name> --description <Description> --match-type <MatchType>

    where ID is a unique identifier for the list, Name is the list name, Description is additional details about the list and MatchType is the valid list match type as specified in the policy (types include “is”, “contain”, “match”, “matches”, “re”, “domain”, “mail”)

  2. Run pmx-profile sync-from-db.

    A list with the assigned name is added to /opt/pmx6/etc and list data is added to etc/multilists.conf.

  3. For each server that is running the Groups Web Interface, at the command line, run:
    pmx-httpd restart

    The list will be accessible the next time the group administrator views the Configuration tab.

See the pmx-group-list man page (man pmx-group-list) for more information.