Adding and Deleting Custom Log Search Reasons

In the Groups Web Interface, the Search Parameters sidebar of the Search tab has a drop-down list from which you can select a Logs search. One of the log search options is the Reason drop-down list, which allows you to select the reason that the message was quarantined.

Global administrators can add to the default set of reasons by editing the PureMessage policy and adding new entries to the Log Reasons policy list. For example, a global administrator may want to add the reason “Confidential” so that group administrators have the option of searching for messages that were quarantined because they contain confidential information.

  • To edit the policy:

    You must create a policy rule that quarantines messages with the specified custom reason (in this case, "Confidential").

    1. Using the Policy Constructor (default page of the Policy tab), create the test portion of the rule.
    2. From the Execute actions and rules drop-down list, select Log the message with key/value pair.
    3. In the first adjacent field, type pmx_reason.
    4. In the second adjacent field, type Confidential.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Click Commit.
    Alternatively, edit the rule by adding the following line directly to the policy.siv script:
    pmx_mark  "pmx_reason"  "Confidential"
  • To add a reason to the drop-down list:

    You must add the new reason (in this case, "Confidential") to the list of existing search reasons.

    1. In the Lists section of the Policy tab sidebar, click Log Reasons.
    2. In the Add Items text box, type the custom reason, and click Add.

      The reason is displayed alphabetically among the List Items and will be displayed in the Reason drop-down list in Groups Web Interface when the log search option is selected.

  • To delete a reason from the drop-down list:
    1. In the Lists section of the Policy tab sidebar, click Log Reasons.
    2. From the List Items, select the check box next to the reason that you want to remove, and click Delete.

      The reason is removed from the list.