Creating a Group-Specific Template

You can create group-specific templates with the pmx-group-file command that can be made available to group administrators via the Configuration tab of the Groups Web Interface.

The global administrator can use this feature to create options for group-specific banners (see tutorial example) and group-specific documents. Links to these templates are displayed on the Configuration sidebar; group-specific banners appear under a Banners heading, while all other templates appear under a Documents heading.

By default, both the document and banner templates are displayed in the group administrator interface as a blank text box, along with a Save button. If you, as the global administrator, want to add read-only content to a document or banner template, you must log into the group administrator interface to enter and save the content. You must then set the access rights as necessary to make the template available to the appropriate group(s). See the “Related tasks” section below for more information.

To create a group-specific template:

At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following:
pmx-group-file --add --id <ID> --name <TemplateName>\
   --type <TemplateType> --charset <Encoding>

where <ID> is the unique identifier for the template, <TemplateName> is the name that appears on the Configuration sidebar, <TemplateType> specifies whether it is a banner or document, and <Encoding> is the encoding type the banner uses (for example, Latin1). If not specified, default type is "document" and the default charset is "latin1".

A message is displayed advising that the template has been added. The new template will now be visible on the Configuration sidebar.

For additional information, see the pmx-group-file man page.