Deleting a Group List

The Configuration tab of the group administrator GUI contains several default lists, along with any custom lists that you may have added. You can remove lists using the pmx-group-list command.

To delete a group list:

  1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following:
    pmx-group-list --delete --id <ID>

    where ID is a unique identifier for the list.

    A list will be removed from etc/multilists.conf the next time PureMessage resources are synchronized from the database via the resource-sync scheduled job.

  2. For each server that is running the End User Web Interface, at the command line, run:
    pmx-httpd restart

    The list will be accessible the next time a group administrator views the Configuration tab.

See the pmx-group-list man page (man pmx-group-list) for more information.