Creating a Full-Access Administrator Account

If, as a global administrator, you want to have access to all enabled features of the Groups Web Interface. You can create a special “superuser” account that grants you access rights for all configured groups and their associated permissions.

Note A full-access administrator account is automatically created during PureMessage installation. The account requires the same username and password set for the PureMessage Manager during installation. Follow the procedure below if you want create additional full-access accounts.

Another benefit of a superuser account is that it becomes possible to access all data that is not specific to groups. For example, an administrator may want to take advantage of the reporting and quarantine search features available in the Groups Web Interface as an alternative to the equivalent features in the PureMessage Manager. As with other administrator accounts, access rights can be disabled and enabled. So, for example, if access to the Configuration tab is not necessary, you can disable it. When setting access rights for a superuser account, however, you do not specify a group.

To create a full-access account:

  1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following:
    pmx-user --add --username <UserName> --fullname <User> --email <Address> --superuser

    where <UserName> is a name you assign, <User> is the user’s actual name, and <Address> is the email address associated with this account.

    You are prompted to enter a password.

  2. Enter a password and confirm it.

    A message is displayed advising that the user has been added.

See the pmx-user and pmx-group man pages for more information.