Viewing Log Search Results

Search results are displayed in a series of columns in the Content pane. For each message, the Date/Time, Sender, Recipient, Subject, Action and Reason are shown. If the message is addressed to multiple recipients, resulting in PureMessage performing different actions for each recipient, the Action and/or Reason displayed is "Multi". Processing details for the individual recipients are shown in the Activity section of the Info tab in the Message Details dialog box.

The following general options are available for viewing search results:

  • Click the “up/down” arrow next to a search results column heading to order the displayed results alphanumerically in that column. Click the “up/down” arrow button again to toggle the results between ascending and descending order.
  • If multiple pages of search results are available, use the controls at the top right of the content pane to view the additional pages.
  • Click the hyperlinked Subject text in any log entry row to view further details of that entry.