Viewing Message Details

You can view additional information about a specific message in the Message Details dialog box.

To view message details:

  1. In the Search Results pane, click the message subject.
  2. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Content: Displays the body of the message.
    • Source: Displays the raw source of the message.
    • Attach: Displays the name, file extension, file type and size of any message attachments. For more information, see “Downloading Attachments”.
    • Info: Displays summary information for the message, including the quarantine ID, the message size, the message’s spam probability, envelope from and to values, and the message’s queue id.
    • Status: Indicates what actions have been performed on the message. For more information, see “Viewing Status Details”.

    The selected information is displayed in the Message Details dialog box.