Adding Members to Groups

Email recipients are included in groups by adding address or domain information to the group.

When associating email users with groups, it is important that each group contain a unique list of recipients. Adding the same recipient address to more than one group may produce unpredictable results when the PureMessage policy processes the address.

You can add members to groups by either editing the group file directly or by using the pmx-list command, which is the method used in this tutorial. Notice that individual addresses are specified for the “sophos” group, while all addresses in the “business” and “science” groups are added by specifying these subdomains.

To add members to groups:

  1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following command:
    pmx-profile sync-from-db --resource=members-per-group
  2. Run these commands to populate the groups with recipient addresses:
    pmx-list  add members-per-group#sophos\
    pmx-list add members-per-group#business
    pmx-list add members-per-group#science

    The addresses are added to the respective group files in subdirectories of the /opt/pmx6/etc/members-per-group directory.

  3. Run pmx-profile sync-to-db --resource=members-per-group to synchronize the list data with the database.
  4. Run pmx-makemap --grouplist to create a CDB list that can be synchronized with the database.

For additional information, see “Adding Members to a Group”

The next step is creating accounts for the university staff who will be responsible for administering the groups.