Adding Administrator Accounts to Groups

Access rights are granted on the basis of group/administrator pairs. In this step you will create associations between the groups and administrator accounts set up in the previous steps. After you run each of the commands shown below, a message is displayed indicating that the user can administer the specified group.

You will create the following associations:

Role Username Associated Groups
Assistant Administrator GeorgeC sophos, business, science
Business Administrator FrankB business
Science Administrator SusanS science
Helpdesk JerryS sophos, business, science
Human Resources Administrator TanyaH sophos, business, science

To add the administrator accounts to groups:

At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following commands:
pmx-group --add-admin --group sophos --user GeorgeC
pmx-group --add-admin --group business --user GeorgeC
pmx-group --add-admin --group science --user GeorgeC
pmx-group --add-admin --group business --user FrankB
pmx-group --add-admin --group science --user SusanS
pmx-group --add-admin --group sophos --user JerryS
pmx-group --add-admin --group business --user JerryS
pmx-group --add-admin --group science --user JerryS
pmx-group --add-admin --group sophos --user TanyaH
pmx-group --add-admin --group business --user TanyaH
pmx-group --add-admin --group science --user TanyaH

For additional information, see “Adding an Administrator Account to a Group”