Adding a Group Banner

In this step you will create a group-specific add banner option that will be available to group administrators. First you will use the pmx-group-file command to create the group-specific banner option. Then you will edit the PureMessage policy to create an action that can be used to append a disclaimer to all outgoing mail.

  • To add a group banner:
    1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following:
      pmx-group-file --add --id outgoing-disclaimer-per-group --name "Outgoing Disclaimer"\
          --type banner --charset latin1
    2. Run pmx-profile sync-from-db --all.
    3. Run pmx-httpd restart.

      A new template is added to the /opt/pmx6/var/lib/multifile directory. In addition, a new category, Banners, is displayed on the sidebar of the Configuration tab. The group administrator can now click Outgoing Disclaimer to display a text box for adding banner text.

  • To create a group-specific "add banner" action:
    1. In the PureMessage Manager, click the Policy tab.

      The default PureMessage policy is displayed in constructor mode.

    2. At the bottom left of the page, click add main rule.

      A set of controls for creating a new rule is displayed.

    3. Use the text box and drop-down lists to create a rule identical to the one shown below.

    4. Click the Arguments button.

      The Add banner dialog box is displayed.

    5. In the Add banner dialog box, select Group-specific banner. In the adjacent text box, type outgoing-disclaimer-per-group, which is the ID you assigned to this banner template using the pmx-group-file command.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Click Cut.
    9. Click the existing rule, Reject mail containing viruses, in the Mail from internal hosts section of the policy.
    10. Click Paste.
    11. Click Save.
    12. Click Commit.

For additional information, see Creating a Policy Setting and the pmx-group-file man page.

Next, you will see how to grant access rights to the various administrators.