Adding a Group Document

Sometimes you may want group administrators to have access to relevant custom documentation. Although you can choose to permit group administrators to edit these documents, document templates are generally read-only. In this tutorial step you will create a document template using the pmx-group-file command, and add content via the group administrator interface. Permissions for the template will be set in step 9.

  • To add a group document template:
    1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following:
      pmx-group-file --add --id policy-description --name "Policy Description"\
         --type document 
    2. Run pmx-profile sync-from-db --all.
    3. Run pmx-httpd restart.

      A new template is added to the /opt/pmx6/var/lib/multifile directory. In addition, a new category, Documents, is displayed on the sidebar of the Configuration tab in the Groups Web Interface.

  • To add content to the document:
    1. Log in to the Groups Web Interface: point a supported browser at https://<Hostname>:28443/groups, and log in as one of the users you created in step 3 (for example, Username: GeorgeC Password: sophos). Accept the certificate to continue to the GUI.

      The GUI launches with the Search tab displayed.

    2. Click the Configuration tab.

      On the Configuration sidebar, the Policy Description link is displayed beneath the Documents heading.

    3. Click Policy Description.

      The Documentation template is displayed in the content pane.

    4. Copy and paste the content below into the text box provided, and click Save.
      Mail from internal hosts
           Reject mail containing viruses
                Allow unscannable messages to pass through
      Mail from external hosts
           Clean mail containing viruses
           Quarantine mail containing suspicious attachments
           Deliver mail from whitelisted hosts and senders
           Deliver mail to anti-spam opt-outs
           Quarantine mail from blacklisted hosts and senders
           Copy to quarantine and deliver if spam probability is 50% or more
           Add X-Header and deliver messages

      A message is displayed at the bottom of the content pane, indicating that the Policy Description has been saved. The access rights for this document are currently read/write, but you will change the status to read-only as part of step 9, "Granting Access Rights."

For additional information, see “Creating a Policy Setting” and the pmx-group-file man page.

Next, you will see how to add a group-specific banner.