Adding and Defining a Policy Setting

By default, the Policy: Policy Settings page of the Configuration tab has no settings configured. Implementing a group policy option requires two steps. First, you will create a new policy setting, in the form of a check box, that gives group administrators the option of enabling/disabling spam checking. Second, you will use the PureMessage policy constructor to define a new policy rule and associate it with this setting.

  • To create the policy setting:
    1. At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following:
      pmx-group-policy --add --id group-anti-spam-opt-outs --name "Anti-spam opt-outs (per group)"\
        --type checkbox --style optin --description "Disable spam checking"
    2. Run pmx-profile sync-from-db.

      A check box option, Disable spam checking, is now displayed on the Policy: Policy Settings page of the Configuration tab. In addition, a new group list, Anti-spam opt-outs (per group), is added to /opt/pmx6/etc/lists.conf and is also available in the drop-down list that is used for specifying lists in the PureMessage policy constructor.

  • To define the policy rule:
    1. In the PureMessage Manager, click the Policy tab.

      The default PureMessage policy is displayed in constructor mode.

    2. Click the existing policy rule, Deliver mail to anti-spam opt-outs.

      The details for this rule are displayed.

    3. Click add test.

      Additional Tests drop-down lists are displayed.

    4. Select the drop-down list options as shown below.

    5. Click Save.

For additional information, see “Creating a Policy Setting”, and the pmx-group-policy man page.

For more information about configuring the PureMessage policy, see “Policy Configuration” in the Administrator’s Reference and “Policy” in the Manager Reference.

Next, you will learn how to configure a group-specific document that can be viewed by global administrators.