Creating Groups

To start, create the groups to which email recipients will belong. In this case, Sophos University requires three groups: one for the primary domain ( and one for each of the two subdomains ( and You will create these groups from the command line on the central server (CSM). The groups will be named “sophos”, “business” and “science”.

To create the groups:

  1. Log on to the central server as the “pmx6” user.
  2. Run the following commands:
    pmx-group --add --group sophos --description "primary domain"
    pmx-group --add --group business --description "business domain"
    pmx-group --add --group science --description "science domain"

    The newly created groups are stored in subdirectories of the /opt/pmx6/etc/members-per-group directory. When you add a group, single-letter subdirectories are automatically created based on the first two letters of the group name. This is done to ensure that the maximum files per directory limit is not exceeded in cases where organizations have large numbers of groups.

    The newly created groups are stored in the following locations:


For additional information, see “Creating a Group”