Consolidating Digests Generated for a Single User

By default, quarantine digests are generated for each email account that has messages addressed to it in the quarantine. However, some users have multiple email accounts and prefer that all quarantined messages for all accounts be included in one quarantine digest. This is accomplished through address mapping.

To consolidate digests:

  1. Enable consolidated digests by editing the pmx-qdigest.conf configuration file and changing the consolidate option to “merged”.
  2. Configure address mapping by editing the notifications configuration file, located by default in the etc directory beneath the PureMessage installation. Create an entry that maps all the addresses you want consolidated into a single digest on the left side, and the address of the digest recipient on the right. Use spaces to separate multiple addresses. Use a colon to separate the addresses that you wish to consolidate from the digest recipient address
    Note The digest recipient specified on the right side must also be included (either explicitly or as part of a wildcard match) in the Quarantine digest users list for the consolidated digest to be sent.