Statically Linking to the End User Web Interface in a Digest

Email users served by PureMessage can access the End User Web Interface (EUWI) via quarantine digests when a static link to the EUWI is added in the digest-spam.tmpl template.

Note End users who have not previously authenticated with the EUWI must first request a password via the EUWI login page. See “Accessing the End User Web Interface” in the User Documentation for more information on end user authentication.

A session cookie is created once a user has authenticated with the EUWI. This cookie automatically authenticates users when the static EUWI link is selected from within the digest message.

To add a static link:

  1. On the command line, navigate to the English templates directory (located, by default, in /opt/pmx6/etc/templates/en/).
  2. Open the digest-spam.tmpl template in your desired editor.
  3. Add the enduser URL link to the template. The following example URL can be added to the digest-spam.tmpl template: "Click this <a href="">End User Web Interface</a> link to log in to your account." To verify the EUWI link, go to the Quarantine tab in the Manager, and then click End User Options. The End User URL text box contains the link to your EUWI.
  4. Save the digest-spam.tmpl template.