Upgrading to PureMessage 5.6.1 from a Tarball Distribution

Perform the following steps to complete a tarball upgrade on a single server configuration. If you are upgrading multiple PureMessage servers, also refer to “Multi-Server Upgrade” in “Upgrading to PureMessage 5.6.1”

  • You must perform this procedure as the root user.
  • This procedure assumes that you have completed the “Downloading and Extracting the Tarball” steps in “Tarball Distribution.”
  1. Run the PureMessage upgrade command. Assuming, the default installation directory (/opt/pmx) is used, and the tarball was extracted to /tmp/pmxrepo, run :
    /opt/pmx/bin/pmx-setup  --repo=file:///tmp/pmxrepo
  2. On the main menu, select the Upgrade PureMessage Components option, and then press Enter .
  3. Select Upgrade components, and then press Enter .
  4. You are prompted to stop PureMessage before continuing the installation. Select Yes, and press Enter .

    Updating the PureMessage components may take a few minutes. When all packages are upgraded successfully, press Enter .

  5. Once the tarball upgrade has completed, select Change Repository.
  6. In the Change Repository text box, enter:
    Select OK, and press Enter .
  7. Select Return to the main menu, and then press Enter .
  8. Select Exit the installer, and then press Enter .