Upgrading to PureMessage 6 from a Tarball Distribution

Perform the following steps to complete a tarball upgrade on a single server configuration. This is not a typical upgrade. You will install PureMessage version 6 alongside your existing 5.6.1 installation, and, optionally, migrate data from version 5.6.1 to the newly installed version 6.

If you plan to migrate data from your existing installation to version 6 using the PureMessage migration script, you must already be upgraded to 5.6.1. For more information, See “Upgrading to PureMessage 5.6.1 from a Tarball Distribution” and “Migrating from Version 5.6.1 to 6.”

If you are upgrading multiple PureMessage servers, also refer to “Multi-Server Upgrade” in “Upgrading to PureMessage 6.”

  • You must perform this procedure as the root user.
  • This procedure assumes that you have completed the “Downloading and Extracting the Tarball” steps in “Tarball Distribution.”
  1. Ensure that PureMessage 5.6.1 is stopped.
  2. Obtain the PureMessage installation script for version 6 from your Sophos representative, and copy it to the same directory where you extracted the tarball.
  3. Run the version 6 installation script:
    sh puremessage-<VersionNumber>-<Platform>.sh
  4. Complete the installation of PureMessage 6. For instructions, see PureMessage Installation. When you are finished, perform the remaining steps (below).

Following an installation or upgrade, you must reconfigure PureMessage so that it retrieves future updates and upgrades from the correct Sophos repository.

  1. Once the tarball upgrade has completed, return to the main menu of the installer.
  2. Select Upgrade PureMessage Components, then select Change Repository.
  3. In the Change Repository text box, enter:
  4. Select OK, and press Enter .
  5. Select Return to the main menu, and then Exit the installer.

During installation, a symlink called “pmxrepo” is created in /opt/pmx/home/ that points to /tmp/pmxrepo. Once your tarball installation is complete, you must remove this symlink to ensure that updates are retreived from the repository that you specified in the procedure above.