Configuring Log Searching

If you have installed the latest version of PureMessage with the Postfix mail transfer agent (MTA), all of the basic requirements for log searches are enabled by default. Log searches are not supported for the sendmail or Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server MTAs. If you are using Postfix and have moved to the latest version by way of an upgrade, you can enable message log searching as follows:
  1. If you want the “Subject” of a message included in search results, modify the PureMessage policy to include the following as the first line of Sieve code:
    pmx_mark "s" "%%SUBJECT:h_utf8%%";

    (See “Default PureMessage Policy Script” in the Policy Configuration section of the Administrator’s Reference for exact placement.) To edit the policy’s Sieve code directly, open /opt/pmx6/etc/policy.siv in a compatible editor.

  2. Edit the policy script and, optionally, customize the list of search reasons as described in “Adding and Deleting Custom Log Search Reasons” in the Administrative Groups section of the Administrators Reference. Editing the policy adds reason marks to the message log that make it possible to search the log by "Reason". The second part of “Adding and Deleting Custom Log Search Reasons” describes how to add custom reasons to the Log Reasons policy list.
  3. Rotate the PureMessage mail and log files so that times in these two logs are synchronized. See “Rotating PureMessage Log Files” for more information.
  4. Enable the Log Search Service as described in “Managing the Log Search Index Service” in the Manager Reference.