Connecting PureMessage to PostgreSQL

Complete the following steps to ensure proper integration of PostgreSQL with PureMessage:

  1. You must explicitly allow connections from any servers in a PureMessage server group by editing the file /opt/pmx6/postgres/var/data/pg_hba.conf. Add an entry to this file as follows:
    host pmx_quarantine pmx trust

    The IP address and mask need to be modified to match your network. If the servers are on different subnets, you can add a separate entry for each one. If the configuration is changed when the PostgreSQL service is already running, you must run pmx-database restart as the PureMessage user for the new settings to take effect.

  2. On the edge server and central server, edit the /opt/pmx6/etc/pmx.d/pmdb.conf configuration file. Set <host> to the hostname or IP address of the central server. Also add the following lines:
    <store pmx_quarantine>
      dsn = 'dbi:Pg:dbname=pmx_quarantine;host=<host>;port=5432'
  3. Ensure that pmx.conf contains the following lines:
    !include pmx.d/*.conf
    quarantine_type = pmdb
    pmx_db = postgres
PureMessage includes a default publication (Centralized-Quarantine) that can be used to distribute the quarantine database configuration information to the edge servers that are actively processing and quarantining messages. See Managing Publications in the Manager Reference for information about using publications.