Installing Additional Components

Use the Install Additional Components option to add components not previously installed on your server. Additional Components can be added on the command line using the PureMessage Installer.

To install additional components:

  1. Run the PureMessage installer at the command line:
  2. On the main menu, press Tab to highlight the Install Additional Components option, and then press Enter .
  3. Select additional roles. Select the desired component roles to install. Press y for Yes for each desired component. Press Tab to highlight Install these roles, and then press Enter .
  4. Answer the series of questions. Follow the instructions in the console window. The questions asked are dependent on the server roles selected.
  5. Review entered information. Be sure to review this menu to ensure the desired PureMessage installation instructions are entered. Press Tab to select any of the following: Proceed with the installation, Change these install options, Return to the main menu, or Save the install configuration and exit. Press Enter after highlighting the desired option.
  6. Wait for the additional components to install on the server. This menu displays the current status of the PureMessage installation process. The installation may take several minutes. Alternatively, to abort the installation, select Tab to Exit the installer, Return to the main menu, or to Re-install PureMessage. Press Enter after highlighting the desired option.
  7. Review installation log. A window is displayed once PureMessage installation is complete. Sophos recommends reviewing the PureMessage installation log. If not reviewing the log, press Enter to select OK.
  8. Main Menu, exit the installer. Press Tab to highlight Exit, and then press Enter .