Configuring Server Groups

A server group is a collection of edge servers and a central server. Use the “RPC User” account to start and stop services and synchronize files on servers in a PureMessage configuration.

  1. On each edge server:
    1. on the PureMessage Manager’s Local Services tab, click HTTPD (Manager).
    2. On the sidebar, click RPC User.
    3. Configure a password for the RPC User, and click Save.
  2. On the central server:
    1. On the sidebar of the Server Groups tab, click Find Hosts.

      A list of hosts is displayed. (Alternatively, manually configure each edge server using the Add Host option.)

    2. In the list of hosts, click the name of an edge server.
      This list is only displayed if you selected the Find Hosts option in step 4. If you selected Add Host, you must manually configure the host information. Click About this page on the Add Host page to display help for configuring hosts.
    3. In the User field, enter rpcuser. In the Password field, enter the password you configured for the RPC User on the edge server.
      For example, if your edge server is called “server1”, and you configured the RPC User on “server1” to use the password “foobar”, enter “rpcuser” for the username and “foobar” for the password.
    4. Repeat steps b and c for each additional server.