Changing the Anti-Virus Service Settings

  1. Change the text boxes in the Settings table as required.

    The text boxes are:

    • Concurrency Limit: Specifies how many concurrent requests the anti-virus daemon can service at any given time. The default is the number of CPUs multiplied by 2.
    • Inactive Limit: Specifies the maximum amount of time that a daemon slot is allowed to be inactive before it is removed and its memory is freed. The value must be lower than the time set in Scan Limit to be useful. The default setting is 2 minutes (120).
    • Scan Limit: Specifies the absolute maximum amount of time to wait for the daemon to scan a message before returning a timeout. The default is 5 minutes (300).
    • Port: Specifies the port used by PureMessage to communicate with the daemon. The default is local:/tmp/pmx-vscan.sock.
    • Reinit Limit: Specifies the maximum number of messages each anti-virus process may scan before being restarted. Starting a process has a large overhead compared to the incremental cost of scanning an additional message. The value '0' means there is no limit, and the daemon only restarts when it times out or crashes. The default is 1024.
    • Queue Limit: Specifies the maximum number of messages to queue before refusing to accept connections from PureMessage. Increasing this number too much means the daemon may consume large amounts of memory for its queue. The value '0' means there is no limit. The default is 4096.
    • Respawn Wait: Specifies how long the daemon should wait before respawning a process that dies unexpectedly. If the process dies without scanning a message, the daemon waits for this length of time to elapse before restarting it. The default is 5 minutes (300).
  2. Once you have made the required changes, click Save.