Viewing Central Server Logs

The Local Services: Central Server Log Notes page displays errors and events related to end user resources. End user resources are collections of configuration data that PureMessage components can utilize without concern for where that data is actually stored, such as in the database or in a configuration file. This allows configuration data to be shared between PureMessage servers.

The Central Server Log reports are organized by time and priority. The more severe priorities (critical, alert, and emergency) provide administrators with the first indication that there are problems with resources synchronizing across hosts. The less severe priorities provide information on successful resource synchronization operations.

You can perform the following tasks using the Central Server Log Notes page:

  • To limit the displayed log reports to only one priority: Select a priority from the Priority drop-down list at the top of the reports table, and then click Filter.

    Priorities are based on the UNIX/Linux syslog priority scheme, which is:

    • EMERG - system is unusable
    • ALERT - action must be taken immediately
    • CRIT - critical conditions
    • ERR - error conditions
    • WARNING - warning conditions
    • NOTICE - normal but significant condition
    • INFO - informational
    • DEBUG - debug-level messages
  • To delete log reports: Select the check box to the left of each report that you want to delete, and click Delete at the bottom of the reports table.
  • To delete all log reports: Click Delete All at the bottom of the reports table.
  • To view other pages of reports: Click the number of the page that you want to view to the right of Go to Page at the bottom of the reports table.