Configuring Logging

You can configure the PureMessage Manager to record a log of user actions and module usage in common log format (CLF). Logs are written to the file /opt/pmx6/var/log/manager/activity_log. Once logging is configured, you can use the Browse Activity Log feature to analyze the activity of individual users and/or modules.

To configure logging:

  1. Edit the text boxes on the Configure Logging page as required.

    The text boxes are:

    • Enable Logging: Use the drop-down list to enable or disable logging.
    • Resolve Host Names: Select to perform a reverse DNS lookup to determine the hostname based on the IP address. If selected, hostnames are logged instead of IP addresses.
    • By Users: Select the names of users for which logging is enabled. By default, the All Users check box is selected.
    • Clear Logfiles: Select a time period from the drop-down list to specify the frequency with which the log file is cleared. Choose Never or Every Week or Every Month.
    • Log File Changes: Select to have the log to include details about changed files and commands executed.
    • In Modules: Select the names of modules for which logging is enabled. By default, the All Modules check box is selected.
    Note The modules listed match the PureMessage Manager tabs with two exceptions: RPC is the Remote Procedure Calls module, which allows commands to be run between remote systems and is used in some EUWI and CSM operations; miniserv is the web server used to serve the Manager web pages.
  2. Once you have made the required changes, click Save.