Configuring Access to the HTTPD (RPC/UI) Service

By default, this feature uses the Host Access List. To modify this list, or to create a new list for use in this feature, see “Editing Lists” in the Policy Tab section of the Manager Reference.

The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) service is the mechanism used by the End User Web Interface (EUWI) to communicate with the PureMessage Manager. Access to the HTTPD (RPC/UI) service is, by default, set to use the Host Access List as the source of the IP addresses or hostnames of authorized machines. This list should contain the IP addresses or hostnames of all of your PureMessage servers. You can use the Local Services: Configure RPC Service page to choose which list is used to determine access control.

To set the RPC service’s host access list:

  1. In the Background Services table of the Local Services tab, click HTTPD (RPC/UI), and then, on the sidebar, click Configure RPC Service.

    The Configure RPC Service page is displayed.

  2. In the RPC table, select the list that you want to use as the Host Access List from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.