Setting Global Options

The Local Services: Global Options page allows you to change the administrator mail settings, SMTP host and port settings, and the quarantine secret. These settings are saved in /opt/pmx6/etc/pmx.conf.

To set these global options:

  1. Change the Administrative Mail Settings and Quarantine Options text boxes as required.

    The text boxes are:

    • Administrator Name: Specifies the PureMessage administrator’s name, which is used in the From header of messages generated by PureMessage. For example, PureMessage Admin.
    • Administrator Email: Specifies the PureMessage administrator’s email address, which is appended to the Administrator Name in the From header of messages generated by PureMessage. For example, PureMessage Admin [].
    • Mail Server (SMTP) Host: Specifies the server to which re-sent messages are directed. For example, when messages are released from quarantine, they are routed via this server. The value is normally specified in the form smtp:<hostname> (for example
    • Mail Server (SMTP) Port: Specifies the port on the server specified above (normally "25").
    • Quarantine Secret: When messages are released from quarantine, an X-PMX-Quarantine-Approved header with the "Quarantine Secret" value is added to the message. When the PureMessage milter encounters this header, it validates the contents, and if it matches, the header is deleted and the message is delivered without filtering. There is no default; it is uniquely configured for each site during the PureMessage installation.
      Note It is important that you do not disclose this value because email that is formatted with the proper header and this key is not processed by PureMessage.
  2. Once you have finished making changes, click Save.