Managing Scheduled Jobs

"Scheduled jobs" are cron replacements, commands scheduled to run at specified intervals. Various jobs are included as part of a PureMessage installation. Many are enabled by default. For detailed information about individual jobs, see the appropriate section of the Administrator’s Reference, which contains descriptions of PureMessage commands, including those run as scheduled jobs. For a brief description of each default scheduled job, see “Scheduled Job Descriptions”.

CAUTION The scheduled jobs that enable the PureMessage Monitor are installed by default but are disabled. The PureMessage Monitor is an advanced tool that should only be implemented with the assistance of Sophos Support or Sophos Professional Services. Attempting to configure and implement this feature on your own may cause PureMessage to fail.

The Scheduled Jobs table displays the default scheduled jobs that are available in a new PureMessage installation and that have been configured to run automatically at set intervals by the Scheduler Service. These jobs typically involve quarantine updates, quarantine digest generation and mailouts, and report data collection. You can add and schedule other jobs as well. The Scheduled Jobs table provides controls to add, modify enable, disable, or delete scheduled jobs.

  • To add a new scheduled job: At the bottom of the Scheduled Jobs table, click Add New to open the Add Job Entry page.
  • To set or modify the schedule for a particular job: Click the <Job Name> to open the Edit Job Entry page.
  • To enable, disable or permanently delete a scheduled service: Select the check box beside the name of the service(s) you want to manage, and then click Enable, Disable, or Delete at the bottom of the Scheduled Jobs table.