Reconfiguring the Sendmail Service

  1. In the Background Services table on the Local Services tab, click View Milter Configuration.

    The Milter Settings page is displayed.

  2. To change the settings, click Edit below the Input Mail Filter Configuration: Policytable.

    The Sendmail: Edit Milter page is displayed.

  3. Change the settings as required:
    • Status: Specify whether the sendmail service is Enabled or Disabled.
    • Port: By default, the milter socket address is inet:3366@localhost. This value must match the port on which the PureMessage milter is configured to run. Once you have set the port, click Ping to confirm that the port is properly set.
    • Fail mode: Specify the action that sendmail will perform if it fails to connect to the PureMessage milter. The options are:
      • Accept: Sendmail will deliver the message anyway.
      • Tempfail: Sendmail will pause temporarily, then retry later. (default option)
      • Reject: Sendmail will reject the message.
    • Timeouts: Timeout settings determine the amount of time the sendmail milter waits for various actions before it fails. Milter timeouts are described in detail in the topic "What timeout values do you recommend to use for filters?" in the PureMessage FAQ.
  4. Once you have made the required changes, click Save.
  5. Restart the sendmail service to make the changes take effect.