Adding a Host

Hosts can be added automatically by clicking Scan the network on the Server Groups tab or Find Hosts on the sidebar; however hosts added this way don't have all the information that is required to remotely access the host, so the host information has to be edited.

To add a host:

  1. On the sidebar of the Server Groups tab, click Add Host.

    The Add Host page is displayed.

  2. In the Host Alias text box of the Host form, enter a meaningful name for the host.
  3. In the Description text box, enter a description of the host’s role.
  4. In the Hostname text box, enter the fully qualified domain name (for example, "") of the host.
  5. In the Port text box, enter "18080" (the port on which the PureMessage Manager runs).
  6. In the User text box, enter "rpcuser".
  7. In the Password text box, enter the rpcuser password as set in the preparation for this procedure.
  8. Click Save.