Creating Publications

  1. On the Server Groups tab’s sidebar, beside Publications, click New [+].

    The Create New Publication page is displayed.

  2. In the Publication Name text box, enter a meaningful name for the publication.
  3. In the Description text box, enter a description of the publication’s purpose or content.
    For example, "configuration for synchronizing east coast MTAs".
  4. Click Save.

    The Edit Publication page is displayed, with creation date shown in the bottom row of the Properties form. A warning is displayed, indicating that "There are no shared files, lists or maps in this publication."

    Note Shared resources cannot be added using the Manager. If you choose to add shared resources to a new publication, you must complete this procedure, and then use the PureMessage command-line program bin/pmx-share and the configuration file etc/publications.conf to add the configuration resources that you want to share in the new publication.
    There is also a warning that "This publication doesn't have any subscribers."
  5. Add resources (configuration files) to the publication:
    1. On the Policy tab, open the policy, list, or map that you want to add to the publication for editing.
      The policy, list, or map must not be configured to be shared in an existing publication. If it is, you must remove it from its current publication before you can add it to another publication. The publication status of the policy, list, or map is indicated in a box at the top of the content pane.
    2. In the You can publish this configuration to other hosts box at the top of the content pane for the policy, list, or map that you want to add to the publication, select the publication from the relevant the drop-down list, and click Share.

      The Edit Publication page is redisplayed, showing the added policy, list, or map in the Published Objects table.

  6. In the drop-down list below the “no subscribers” warning, select the host that you want to configure as a subscriber, and click Subscribe.

    The Edit Publication page is redisplayed, showing the added subscriber hosts in the Subscribers form.

  7. Repeat the previous step as often as required to build the list of subscriber hosts that you want to receive the publication described in the Properties form.