Configuring and Distributing Anti-Spam Settings

Example: Alter the anti-spam configuration on the central server and distribute the modified files via the Anti-Spam-Config publication to all edge servers.

  1. Modify the anti-spam configuration on the central server: Publications are displayed on the sidebar of the Server Groups tab. Modify the desired weights, probabilities, or custom rules in the anti-spam configuration on the Anti-Spam Rules page, or by using the pmx-spam command-line program.
  2. Distribute modified files via Anti-Spam-Config to each edge server: On the Server Groups tab, click the Anti-Spam-Config publication on the sidebar. Hosts and groups subscribed to the selected publication are displayed in the Subscribers table at the bottom of the page. Select the check box beside the host(s) or group(s) to update, and then click Synchronize.
  3. Restart the Milter (Policy) service on each edge server: Edge servers must be restarted after publications are updated for the changes to take effect. On the Server Groups tab, click the Milter running link beside the edge server that requires restarting. The milter service status for that edge server is displayed. Click Send Restart Request. A restart signal is sent to that server. Restart the milter process for each edge server in the PureMessage configuration. From the command line, use the pmx-milter command to restart the milter process on each edge server.