Managing Services on Remote Hosts

You must set the password for the“rpcuser” account on the Local Services > HTTPD (Manager) > RPC User page of each remote host that you want to access before you can fully manage services remotely.

The hosts tables on the Server Groups: Network Status page display the status of three services for each host: Milter (the PureMessage mail filter), SMTP (the mail transfer agent), and HTTP (the Manager web server). Each status indicator (for example, "unknown", "stopped" or "running") is a link to a page, Server Groups : Status of <servicename> service on <host>:18080, that displays information about that service, as well as controls used to manage that service.

To start, restart, or stop a service on a remote host:

  1. Click the service status descriptor ("unknown", "stopped" or "running") in one of the hosts tables on the Network Status page.

    The Server Groups: Status of <servicename> service on <host>:18080 page for the selected service on the selected host is displayed.

  2. Click the control for the operation that you want to perform on this service, Send Start Request, Send Restart Request or Send Stop Request.

    An information message is displayed, stating that the request is being processed.

  3. Click Refresh.

    You are returned to the Server Groups: Status of <servicename> service on <host>:18080 page.