Adding Policy Resources to Publications

Although most policy resources can be distributed to various hosts in a multi-server deployment, many of these resources must first be manually added to a PureMessage publication. When you are working with a particular policy resource (the policy, lists, maps anti-virus options, or anti-spam rules) a message appears near the top of the page stating one of the following:

  • This configuration is shared: n subscriber(s): These resources are currently included in a publication that can be shared with other PureMessage servers. Click “shared” to open the Server Groups > Edit Publication page for the publication that includes this resource.
  • You can publish this configuration to other hosts. These resources are not currently included in a publication, but they can be added to one.

To add a policy resource to a publication:

  1. In the top information banner, which states that You can publish this configuration to other hosts, select the publication to which you want to add the resource or select Create New from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Share.

    The Server Groups: Edit Publication page is displayed with the policy resource listed as a Published Object. If you chose an existing publication, the information for that publication is displayed. If you chose Create New, the Publication Name text box contains an auto-generated name, and the Description is empty.

  3. Enter or modify the Publication Name and Description and click Save.

    The publication is added to the list of publications on the Server Groups sidebar.