Configuring Anti-Spam Options

You can set a variety of global anti-spam options and options for specific anti-spam feature groups.

To configure the anti-spam options:

  1. On the sidebar of the Policy tab, click Anti-Spam Options.

    The Anti-Spam Options page is displayed.

  2. In the Options table, change any of the following text boxes as required:
    • Disable non-relay checks?: Use the drop-down list to select Yes or No. The default setting is No.

      When set to Yes, only the first received headers (written by the last server to relay the message) are subject to DNS checks. This provides both performance improvements and fewer false positives because trusted relays, as defined in the Trusted Relay IPs list, are exempt from certain DNS checks. Click Edit trusted-relays to edit the Trusted Relay IPs list.

    • Disable All Network Checks?: Use the drop-down list to select Yes or No. The default setting is No.

      When set to Yes, all types of network checks are disabled, including reverse DNS look-ups and other DNS checks. When set to No, individual network check rules can be enabled or disabled on the Anti-Spam Rules page.

    • Acceptable Character Sets: Select the character sets from the list of those available by Ctrl+clicking the ones considered to be "safe".

      Certain anti-spam rules are triggered based on the character set of the message. The selected "safe" character sets are exempted from this group of rules. The default character set is read from the system’s LANG environment variable. The available character sets are:

      • Chinese, simplified and traditional: (zh)
      • Cyrillic: (ru, uk, tj, be, bg and ka)
      • Korean: (ko)
      • Japanese: (ja)
      • Thai: (th)
      • English: (en)
  3. Once you have made the required changes in the Options table, click Save.
  4. In the Anti-Spam Feature Groups table, set the feature groups and rules that you want enabled by doing the following:
    1. Click the name of the feature group that you want to enable or disable.

      The Anti-Spam Options: <feature group> page is displayed.

    2. Use the Enabled drop-down list to select whether this feature group is Enabled or Disabled.
    3. If you enabled the feature group, but want to specify which rules in the feature group are used, click Rules at the bottom of the Properties table.

      The Anti-Spam Rules page for that feature group is displayed.

    4. Click the name of a rule that you want Enabled or Disabled, set its usage from the drop-down list provided, and repeat for each rule that you want to enable or disable. Then click Save below the list of rules.

      The Anti-Spam Rules page is redisplayed with the full list of rules.

  5. Return to the Anti-Spam Options page and repeat steps "a." through "d." above for each feature group that you want to modify.
  6. Click the Restart now button at the top of the page to restart the Milter (Policy) service.