Modifying Anti-Spam Rules

Note Only the State, Weight, and Probability Adjust % of default anti-spam rules can be modified. Sophos does not recommend adjusting anti-spam rules because they are automatically updated by SophosLabs on a regular basis.

To modify default anti-spam rule behavior:

  1. On the sidebar of the Policy tab, click Anti-Spam Rules.

    The Anti-Spam Options page is displayed.

  2. Click the name of the rule that you want to modify.

    The editable settings for the selected rule are displayed in drop-down lists or editable text boxes.

  3. Make the desired modifications.

    The editable settings and their available options are:

    • Rule State: Select Auto, Enabled, or Disabled.
      Note By default, rules are set to Auto, which sets the state of the rule according to whether there is a value in the rule’s Weight or Probability Adjust % text box. If both scores are zero, the rule has no effect.
    • Weight: The value (or "weight") added to the message’s total spam score when the message matches this rule. Values can be either positive or negative; prefix negative numbers with a minus symbol. For more information about how scores are calculated, see "Test Scores" in the Policy section of the Administrator’s Reference.
    • Probability Adjust %: The absolute probability for the rule in the form of a percentage. When the total spam score is calculated for the message, rules with weights are first converted to a percentage, and then rules with absolute probabilities are added. If both a rule weight and a probability adjustment percentage are specified, the rule weight is first converted to a percentage, and then the value in the Probability Adjust % text box is added to determine the total weight for that rule.
  4. Once you have modified the rule behavior to your requirements, click Save at the bottom of the page.