Editing a Snippet with the Manager

Snippets cannot be edited through the Policy Repository interface. They must first be copied to the PureMessage policy. Edit snippets via the fields on the Rules page of the Policy tab, or by changing the source code for the policy script. After a rule has been edited, you have the option of adding the snippet to the Repository.

To edit a snippet using the Manager interface:

  1. Click the name of the snippet that you want to edit (for example, Adding A Disclaimer).

    The Repository File page for that snippet is displayed.

  2. Click Copy to Clipboard.

    The file will be copied to the Clipboard, which is displayed as an item at the top of the list of snippets in the Policy Repository.

  3. On the Policy tab sidebar, click Policy Rules.
  4. Click the rule that comes immediately before the desired location for the new rule.
    For example, click Clean mail containing viruses if you want the new rule to be inserted after that rule.
  5. Click Paste.

    The pasted snippet will be displayed as a rule in the PureMessage policy.

  6. Edit the "tests" and "actions" fields for a given rule to modify the snippet, and click Save.
    Note Complete the next two steps only if you want to add the rule to the policy script. Otherwise, follow the instructions for “Adding a Snippet to the Repository”, and then revert changes to the policy script.
  7. Click Commit.
  8. Click Restart now to activate the changes.