Editing Lists

Lists are used with the PureMessage policy to specify that email addresses, IP addresses, file extensions, and other matching strings are included in or excluded from policy tests and actions. Policy rules often use membership in a particular list as the condition for performing (or not performing) an action. For example, in the default PureMessage Policy, messages from email addresses contained in the Whitelisted Hosts list are not scanned for spam.

To edit a list:

  1. On the sidebar of the Policy tab, click the name of the list that you want to edit.

    The Edit List page is displayed.

  2. Modify the selected list by performing any of the following procedures:
    • To add an item to the list, enter one or more items, with only one item per line, in the Add items text box, and click Add at the bottom of the form.

      To enter a "negative" item, precede the item with an exclamation mark. Lists that consist of email addresses usually support glob-style address matching and wildcards. Lists that contain IP addresses usually support IP masks.

      When you click Add items, the item is listed in the List items pane.

    • If your list contains a large number of items, you can filter which items are displayed by entering one or more characters in the Filter text box and clicking Filter.

    • To edit an existing list item:
      1. Select the check box beside the item that you want to edit, and click Edit.

        The selected item is redisplayed in an editable text box.

      2. Make the changes you want and click Save.

        The changed item is saved and redisplayed in its changed form.

    • To delete an item from the list, select the check box beside the item that you want to delete, and click Delete at the bottom of the form.

      The item is removed.