Policy Rules: Order of Processing

Rules are processed in the order that they are displayed on the Policy tab. Unless a "Stop processing" action is configured, each rule will be tested regardless of the tests and actions of previous rules.

Given that rules are processed consecutively, the efficiency of the policy filter depends on the order of the rules, and the point at which rule processing stops. For example, if the first rule in the policy rejects messages that originate from a blacklisted host, it is not necessary (and is, in fact, inefficient) to continue processing the message against subsequent rules.

To change the order of existing rules within the policy: Click Cut in the original rule and then click Paste to reinsert it in the desired position.


This version of the PureMessage Manager’s Policy Constructor does not correctly display the position of actions when they are added to rules containing sub-rules. When a new action is added to a rule that has sub-rules, the action is displayed before the sub-rules in the Policy Constructor, but the action is actually added after the sub-rules in the policy.siv source file.

For example, in the default PureMessage policy, if an action were added to the "Mail from internal hosts" rule, the action would appear, in the Manager, within the main rule definition. However, if you view the policy.siv source, the new action is actually located after the sub-rule.

To fix the position of an action:

  1. On the Policy Constructor page, click see the source.
  2. Click the filename link at the top of the page to edit the policy.siv.
  3. Manually position the new action to the desired place in the policy, and click Save.