Setting Quarantine Digest Options

If you decide to use quarantine digests, you can set the approval address alias and the expiry period on the Digest Options page. The approval address alias is the reply-to email address that is set in the quarantine digests that are emailed to end users, and it is this email address to which your end users respond to release or delete their messages from the quarantine. The expiry period is the length of time that end users have to respond to the quarantine digests.

To set the quarantine digest options:

  1. In the Quarantine Digests section of the Quarantine tab’s sidebar, click Digest Options.

    The Digest Options page is displayed.

  2. Change the default digest options as required:
    • Approve Address: During the PureMessage installation, an email alias is added for message approvals. By default, this alias is set to call pmx-auto-approve. (If using a sendmail or Postfix distribution other than the one included with PureMessage, you must manually create the alias. See Quarantine Digests in the PureMessage User Guide for instructions.) The address specified in this field must match the sendmail or Postfix alias.
    • Expiry Period: PureMessage stores a record of each quarantine digest. When an end-user requests the release of a message, the request is validated against the archived digest records. Periodically, (by default, every 5 days) the digest archive should be cleared.
  3. Click Save.

    The Digest Options page is redisplayed, and a message is displayed, informing you of the result of the save operation.