Editing Quarantine Digest Rules

  1. In the Quarantine Digests section of the Quarantine tab’s sidebar, click Digest Rules.

    The Quarantine : Digest Rules page is displayed.

  2. In the Digest configurations table, click the name of the digest configuration that you want to edit.

    The Edit digest form is displayed.

  3. Make the changes that you want to the digest rule information:
    • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the digest.
    • Template: Enter the name of the file that contains the template for the digest. This file must be stored in the /opt/pmx6/etc/templates/<langdir> directory.
    • Session Expire: Sets the amount of time before the end user’s session cookie expires. When the cookie expires, the user must request another password. This text box has no effect when flat-file or LDAP authentication is in use.
    • Reasons: When a message is quarantined, the quarantine record contains the "reason" why the message was not delivered, such as "spam" or "virus". Digests are generated for messages that match the reason specified here. This text box accepts alphanumeric characters only.
    • Address List: Select from the drop-down list a list of email addresses which should receive digests. For information on creating these address lists, see the help on the Quarantine Digest Users page.
  4. Click Save to implement your changes.

    The Digest configurations table is displayed, showing your changes, and a message is displayed, informing you of the result of the save operation.