Creating Customized Quarantine Digest Users Lists

Creating multiple Quarantine Digest Users lists allows you to send out quarantine digests to lists of recipients in different time zones, at different times, or to send out digests of messages quarantined for different reasons to different groups of end users.

To create a customized digest user list:

  1. On the Policy tab in the PureMessage Manager, and click New at the top of the Lists sub-menu.

    The Policy: Add List/Map page is displayed.

  2. Fill in the form as follows:
    1. Select List as the Type.
    2. For both the ID and the Name, enter a name that begins with digest- and is descriptive of the list’s purpose, such as digest-secondshift.
    3. For the Match Type, select Email Globs.
    4. Select the Source option of your choice, and fill in any information as required.
    5. Click Save.

      You are prompted to add items to the newly created list.

    6. Add the email addresses of the “secondshift” digest users to this list. See Match Types in the Policy Tab section for more information.
  3. Remove the email addresses of the “secondshift” digest users from the default Quarantine Digest Users list by clicking Quarantine digest users, selecting the check boxes beside the users that are in the “secondshift” quarantine digest users list, and clicking Delete.
  4. Add this new Digest Users list to the Digest Rules by clicking Digest Rules on the sidebar of the Quarantine tab, and clicking +Add below the Digest configurations.

    The Add digest form is displayed.

  5. Fill in the form as follows:
    1. Name: Enter a descriptive name, like “secondshift”.
    2. Template: You can use the existing spam digest template /opt/pmx6/etc/digest-spam.tmpl.
    3. Reasons: Enter the appropriate reason, for example, spam.
    4. Address List: From the drop-down list, select the address list that you created in step 2.
    5. Click Save.

      You are returned to the Digest configurations table with the new digest rule appearing in the table.

  6. Set the Scheduler to create the desired quarantine digests by adding another pmx-qdigest scheduled job that uses this command:
    /opt/pmx64/bin/pmx-qdigest --digest=secondshift --quiet

    And set the schedule for the job as appropriate for the new quarantine digest users list.