Configuring End User Features

If you have granted end users access to the End User Web Interface (EUWI), the Configure End User Featuress page allows you to set which features are available.

To configure the features available to end users:

  1. In the Enduser section of the Quarantine tab’s sidebar, click Configure End User Features.

    The Configure End User Features page is displayed.

  2. Select the check boxes beside any of the following options to grant end users access to these features:
    • View Quarantined Messages: Provides end users with the 'Blocked Messages’ interface. Users can view all quarantined messages sent to them.
    • View Message Contents: Provides end users with the ability to click a message’s Subject header and read the quarantined message. This functionality is available via the PureMessage quarantine or the EUWI’s “Blocked Messages” page.
    • User White List: End users can specify individual whitelisted senders. This functionality is called “Approved Senders” in the EUWI.
    • User Black List: End users can specify individual blacklisted senders. This functionality is called “Blocked Senders” in the EUWI.
    • White list and Black list Wildcards: End users can specify individual whitelisted and blacklisted senders or hosts using wildcards. This functionality is only available to end users who select a sender to allow or block.
    • Anti-Spam Opt-Out: An end user mail filtering preference. Users can disable all spam and offensive content blocking.
    • Digest Opt-Out: Users can opt out of message digests.
    • Vacation Hold: The amount of time that messages are held in the quarantine, as determined by the setting in /opt/pmx6/etc/pmx.d/quarantine_expire.conf.
    • Notification Email: Specify whether the EUWI includes a link for users to request their password. If this option is enabled, users can request that their account information be sent. Be sure to enable this option if SessionID is emailed to user is the method you have selected on the End User Authentication page.
    • Language Preference: Determines whether end users can adjust the language setting via the EUWI. When this check box is selected, end users have access to the Language Preference drop-down list, from which they can select their desired language. This setting overrides the language specified in the Default Language (described below) drop-down list. When the check box is not selected, the Language Preference drop-down list is not available in the EUWI.
    • Max Hold Duration: The maximum time period (as measured from the current date) that end users can specify that messages be held. The default is one week. The overall length of the hold period will vary, based on this setting and the quarantine expiry period that is set in /opt/pmx6/etc/pmx.d/quarantine_expire.conf.
    • Max Items Per List: The maximum number of entries that end users are allowed to add to their whitelists and blacklists.
    • Default Language: Changes the default language preference set during the PureMessage installation. If the Language Preference (described above) check box is selected, individual user preferences specified via the Language Preference drop-down list in the EUWI will override this setting.
  3. Click Save.

    A message is displayed, warning you that both the Milter (Policy) service and the HTTPD (RPC/UI) service need to be restarted.

  4. Click Restart now beside each message.

    A message is displayed after you press each button, informing you that those services have been sent restart signals.