Managing Quarantined Messages

To perform management operations on quarantined messages:

  1. Select the check box to the left of the message(s) on which you want to perform a particular management action.
  2. Click the button for the action that you want to perform:
    • Approve: Approves quarantined messages for delivery to the original recipient. A copy of the approved message is sent to the original recipient, and a copy is kept in the quarantine (in the var/qdir/sent directory). These are eventually deleted (or archived) by the pmx-qexpire scheduled service. If you attempt to approve a message containing a virus, PureMessage prompts you to confirm the approval. A message appears at the top of the query results page indicating the number of messages approved.
    • Delete: Moves selected messages to the var/qdir/trash directory. These messages are eventually deleted (or archived) via the pmx-qmeta-index scheduled service.
    • Forward: Forwards one or more messages to a specified recipient. If you select this management option, a Forward message form is displayed. Enter the email address to which you want the message forwarded, and click Send. The message is not removed from the quarantine queue.
    • Save: Saves selected messages retrieved from the quarantine. Saved messages are exported to a file in mbox format. PureMessage prompts you to enter a destination file for the message(s). If you select this management option, a Save message form is displayed. Enter the destination filename and click Save. Saved messages are not removed from the quarantine.
    Alternatively, you can click Delete All, which sets all the messages that matched your query to be moved to the var/qdir/trash directory the next time that pmx-qmeta-index is run.